DUPP – Food Specialists

A characteristic of all DUPP colleagues is their passion for food and specific knowledge of the foodsector and its labor market, due to study background and work experience. We speak the same language as clients and candidates and are ideal partners. We can identify the needs and aspirations of our clients and candidates. You can reach us through contact.

Real team players

We are a strong team, and we are dedicated to the interests of both clients and candidates. From our office we work closely together in fulfilling the vacancies that we manage. Daily we share information about jobs, applicants and the food industry together. Food Recruitment, Food Executive Search and Food Interim Management are strongly interlinked.

Dirk-Jan van Veldhuizen
"Don’t be scared to try new things"
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Michiel Dekkers
"Don't wait for a good day, just make one!"
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Janneke van der Logt
"Time is expensive, therefore live your life to the fullest"
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Hans Hilbrands
"Alone you go faster, together you reach further"
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Annemarie van den Bos
"Enjoy life, especially with good food!"
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Joy van Setten
"Positive mind, Positive vibes, Positive life"
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Daphne van der Hee
"Happiness is an attitude :)"
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Jakob Jan Verbraak
"With much dedication and belief in your own strength, much more is achievable"
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Bert den Uijl
"Be yourself, it's better to be unique"
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Interested in one of our vacancies or an exploratory career interview?

Food branche related positions

DUPP mediates for candidates on bachelors’ and masters’ level for positions that need knowledge and experience within the food industry.

This comprise candidates with work experience, from 2nd career step to management occupations and general management positions.

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researchResearch & Development
qualityQuality Management
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Service partner

DUPP aims to create long-term partnerships with both clients and candidates. For both groups we offer a professional consultation, in order to reach the right decisions.

We are an honest, enthusiastic and results-oriented partner in recruitment, executive search and interim management.